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KH: thanks for the theological clarification. More about the stained glass mural of Dorcas created by Richard Lamb of J&R Lamb Studios in New York. The Lamb brothers (Joseph & Richard) from England, established their shop in New York City in 1857 using the credo for "the beautifying churches." The Lambs seemd to compete head-to-head with Tiffany Studios - more Lamb Studio work is located at Standford University Memorial Church.

Nice article; happy to see it. And I speak as a trained architect who was baptised and ordained at 2nd Pres. What do you think of the tower as built?

One correction, if I may: When Dorcas is named as "a disciple" in Acts 9:36, the understanding is that she is a disciple of Jesus Christ, not of St. Peter. Though much later on certain people came to be known as disciples of various apostles, the New Testament writings never refer to anyone in the church of Jesus Christ in that manner, at least not as a legitimate way of speaking. In 1 Corinthians St. Paul militates against those who call themselves "followers of Peter" or "followers of Paul," and I doubt Luke would have made the same mistake in writing The Acts. Peter himself would have been horrified to have Dorcas' devotion transferred to himself from their mutual Lord.

And thus endeth the lesson!

Would it be possible to transcribe the Star article? Print's a bit too small and fuzzy for me!

And . . . are you by any chance related to Sam Ray?

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