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To avoid any confusion, 20 Janssen Place is Italianate, through-and-through; the Jacobean-styled residence is across the street. Traditional styles are best defined by Sir Banister Fletcher in "A History of Architecture." Fletcher puts Tudor, Elizabethan and Jacobean into the same period of architectural development in England: 1505-1625. "Henry VIII (1509-47) attempted to introduce Italian and French modes into the buildings of the court, but Renaissance elements tended to be used as deocrative details grafted on to a late Gothic stock....The orders were used to articulate window bays and as frontispieces in the French manner." See Hatfield House, Hertfordshire for Fletcher's reference for strongest Jacobean mansion. German and Flemish decorative elements are dominant in Jacobean architecture, most typically the Flemish gable and twisting "soft-serve" multi-stack, brick chimney masses. Hope that helps, maybe keep your eyes peeled for upcoming post on Midwest Jacobean Revival.

30 Janssen is a beautiful structure. I hope it's restored/maintained properly. I have no idea what Jacobean style is... please enlighten.

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